Terms and Conditions

1 Validity and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all deals made over the online shop www.furor.ch. This online shop is being offered and managed by ProGas+Grill Inc. hereafter called “ProGas”.

ProGas has the rights to change the terms and conditions at all the time. Authoritative is always the version which is currently active when a deal is made. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the terms and conditions every time before making a deal.

Items are exclusively sold to the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden.

The offer is valid as long as the productis visible in the shop and/or is on stock.


2 Information

2.1 Products and Prices

The images of the products in the online shop are for illustrative purposes only and there may be visual differences to the products delivered.


2.2 Ownership of products

All products ordered over the online shop remain property of ProGas until the payment including transport fees has been received.


3 Contract

ProGas has the rights to cancel contracts under the following circumstances:

  • Wrong item description or Price in the online shop
  • Article not available due to low stock

If the Price and the name is correct and the article is on stock, the contract between ProGas and the customer is made by the time the customer makes a purchase in the online shop or makes an order through phone or email.


4 Delivery time

With the order confirmation the customer receives a provisional delivery date.

The delivery usually takes 2-8 days for deliveries within Switzerland and Germany and 10-15 days for deliveries to other European countries.

All delivery dates are provisional and can change at any time.

If ProGas has problems delivering a product, the customer hast the right to cancel the order 30 days or later after the contract was made. If that is the case, ProGas will refund all payments made by the customer.


5 Delivery / Pick up

The Address has to be reachable by truck, otherwise the customer bears all follow-up costs and other possible transportation fees.

If the customer is not able to accept the delivery at the confirmed delivery date, ProGas has the rights to cancel the existing contract. Charges and fees concerning the delivery go to the expense of the customer.

If the customer is not able to pick up the ordered articles (only concerning Pick-up orders), Progas has the right to cancel the contract 14 days after the contract has been made.


6 Testing obligation and delivery damages

Upon arrival of the articles the customer is obligated to check them for any damages. If any damages can be found they have to be noted on the delivery paper of the supplier.

Any damages or wrong delivered Articles have to be reported to ProGas within 5 days after arrival. Any damaged or wrongly delivered Articles mustn’t be used by the customer in any kind and have to be kept in the original packing until ProGas contacts the customer.


7 Warranty

We offer a 20 year warranty for repairs and spare parts for our products and a 10 year warranty for functionality and deficiencies of the product.

The following products are considered as consumable items and are not included in the 10 year warranty:

  • Flame Protection
  • Nozzles
  • Thermo elements
  • Steel grids

Burning bars are not considered as consumable items and have a separate warranty of 3 years.

ProGas offers the following services while the warranty is available:

  • Rapair of the producht (free of charge)
  • Replacement of  parts of the product or replacement of the whole product with an replacement of equivalent value.

To all articles mentioned and not explicitly mentioned above apply the disclaimers at point 8.

All costs for repairs which are not mentioned above have to be paid by the customer.

The usage of spare parts or attachments which are not bought from ProGas will result in expiration of all available warranty.


8 Disclaimer

The disclaimer works  in accordance with legal regulations. ProGas is not liable for any of the following cases: (1) light negligence, (2) indirect damages, losses and lost profit (3) unrealized expenses, (4) losses due to delivery delays, and (5) any actions aswell as omissions by any persons helping ProGas, within or outside a contract.

ProGas is not liable for any damages caused by the following reasons:

  • Improper usage, contract breaching or illegal storageing or usage of the products;
  • Usage of spare parts or any attachements not sold by ProGas;
  • Unproper repair, maintenance or changes of the product through the customer or any third party;
  • Damages due to force majeure, especially elemental, moisture, fall and impacts ect., which are not represented by ProGas and court orders.

For any damages caused during a service the liability lies at the service provider.


9 Payment

9.1 Payment possibilities

All payments made over the website are made in Swiss Francs and contain VAT.

Payment by cash is only possible for pick-up orders.

ProGas accepts the following payment Methods: Wire transfer, cash payment (only for pick-up), and Credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard).

For Cedit card payments the credit card will be charged upon order.

Articles paid with wire transfer will be sent upon arrival of the money in our bankaccount.


9.2 Payment delay

If the customer does not pay owed money on time, ProGas has the rights to cancel all further deliveries to the customer until the debt is paid.

ProGas charges 40.- CHF after the 3rd payment reminder.

If the customer is still not answering to his duty, ProGas will pass the owed debt to a debt collection agency which can cause additional costs up to 5% of the owed amount. At that point the customer is liable for any further costs.


10 Change or cancelation of an order

The cutomer hast the right to cancel existing contracts with ProGas until 14 days after the arrival of the articles.

To do this, the cusomer hat to inform ProGas (ProGas + Grill GmbH, Rorschacherstrasse 296, 9016 St. Gallen, Telefon +41 71 508 58 86, E-Mail: furor@furorgas.ch) in an explicit written order

(for example through a Letter, Fax or E-Mail) that he has decided to cancel the contract.

To do so, the customer can, but does not have to, use the following template:


Contract cancelation template

(To cancel an existin contract, fthe customer can fill out the following example and send it to Progas)

- To ProGas + Grill GmbH, Rorschacherstrasse 296, 9016 St. Gallen, Telefon +41 71 508 58 86, E-Mail: furor@furorgas.ch

- I hereby declare that I want to cancel the contract about buying the following articles: (*)

- Order date / delivery date

- Name of the customer
- Address and contact details of the customer
- Signature (only needed when sending a letter)

- Date

If an article cannot be delivered from ProGas to the customer due to low stock or delivery problems, ProGas will contact the customer immediately. If that is the case, all payments made by the customer will be refunded. If the customer has not paid anything yet, he is relieved from the duty of payment.


11 Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is integrated part of this terms and conditions. With accepting these Terms and conditions you also agree to the privacy policy.


12 Invalidity

In the case parts of these terms and conditions would be invalid, this will not affect anything other and all other terms will remain completely applicable.


13 Place of jurisdiction

All relations between customer and ProGas are amenable to the Swiss law.

For any complaints of customers the applying place of jurisdiction is St.Gallen. For all other cases the applying place of jurisdiction is St.Gallen aswell.


14 Copyright

All Copyrights on this terms and conditions belong to ProGas. Any copying and usage is only allowed with explicit permission of Progas.